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Finishing: hot foil stamping

Hot foil stamping is a proven finishing method for everything from brilliant, large surfaces to fine, detailed designs. Hot foil is available in many different designs, colours and textures. We show you a few selected options here.

If you are missing a colour or are looking for a specific film, please contact us. 
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Metallic effects

Hot stamping foils silver (selection) - Illustration not binding, other colours available.

Silver glossy
Silver semi-gloss
Silver matt

Hot stamping foils gold (selection) - Illustration not binding, other colours available.

Gold 220 glossy
White gold shiny (332)
Rose gold shiny (355)

Coloured hot stamping foils (selection) - Illustration not binding, other colours available.

Turquoise blue glossy (308)
Blue glossy (369)
Dark blue glossy (302)
Violet glossy (341)
Purple glossy (360)
Glossy red (392)
Copper glossy (396)
Glossy green (336)
Glossy black (362)

Page under construction - More to follow soon

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Some examples of our

Packaging solutions

Folding carton for piece goods

Slipcase with special finish for 10 BluRays

Card game box

CD collector's slipcase

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