Owner-operated family company

Three generations of experience and further development.

Manufacturer of
customised packaging

We have retained our craftsmanship in the production of small and special series and utilise state-of-the-art, automated production facilities for large series. This, and the whole spectrum in between.
Luftaufnahme Hertel

Full service specialist

Everything from a single source: we take care of your packaging, from design and production to customs clearance.

Local production

We produce our packaging in Bayreuth. When it comes to our suppliers, we attach great importance to locality and short delivery routes.

Generations gathered experience

Because we know how to make it, we know how to design it efficient and provide you with clever, solution-orientated advice.

Sustainability out of conviction

The protection of the environment and the careful use of all our resources is sincerely close to our hearts and stems from the values of our management. We see legal requirements as a minimum requirement, which we exceed by far on our own initiative and without being asked.

Sustainable energies

Emission-free production

We operate our factory 100% without fossil fuels; 70% of the energy we need is provided by our own photovoltaic system

Emissionsfreie Produktionsstätte

Energy management

We measure and monitor our energy consumption with electricity meters on the individual machines and optimise our energy efficiency.


Heat recovery

We use the waste heat from our machinery and a heat pump powered by electricity from our PV system to heat the premises.

Conserving resources production

Optimum material utilisation

Clever planning and optimised use of materials significantly reduce waste in the home.
We can return a large proportion of this to the recycling chain.

Durable packaging

Our packaging is high-quality and durable and can find alternative uses after use.

Process optimisation

An optimised workflow was planned and implemented during construction with the help of the Fraunhofer Project Group for Process Innovation at the University of Bayreuth in order to avoid unnecessary idle times.

Certified sustainability

FSC® sustainable forestry

Globally valid standard for safeguarding important environmental and social standards.

DIN ISO 14001 Environmental management

Reducing environmental impacts and increasing environmental performance in the company.

State-of-the-art family business with regional production

Impeccable quality is our trademark.


Recognised training company

Our apprenticeships: Packaging technology / Paper technology / Machine and plant management (specialising in printing and paper processing) / Media technology printing / Media technology industrial mechanics / Apprenticeship or dual study programme

Our values

We are aware of our responsibility as a company. We treat our customers, suppliers, employees and our environment with openness and respect.
Environmental awareness
We are actively committed to environmental protection and the careful use of all our resources. Our processes are geared towards minimising energy consumption and avoiding waste and are constantly being improved.

Occupational safety

Our employees are valuable to us. To prevent accidents and protect their health, we ensure that our systems are state-of-the-art and are operated safely.

Quality awareness

Flawless quality is our trademark. Quality checks at every stage of production and a qualified and motivated team are the cornerstones of our company's success.

Customer partnership

We are available to our customers as a service provider working in partnership with an inspired and responsible team.

Supplier partnership

We attach great importance to long-term, reliable - and where possible regional - supplier partnerships.

Human rights

We are committed to preventing human rights violations, scrutinising our supply chain and promoting the free development of our team.

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Andreas Hertel
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Tobias Steeger
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Jan-Pascal Jeron
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Julia Groß
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Customer service
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Isabell Schuierer
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Dirk Hartmann
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Authorised representative

Michael Müller
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Isabell Schuierer
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Environmental protection

Isabell Schuierer
+49 921 78 44-20
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Occupational safety

Isabell Schuierer
+49 921 78 44-20
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