Owner-operated family company

We have preserved our skilled craftsmanship for special and limited editions and use latest, automated technology for large-volume production. This, and the whole spectrum in between.

Manufacturer for customised packaging

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The latest technologies plus highly qualified employees

Get your extra value of cost and time by buying directly from the manufactuerer. Decades of experience and a highly qualified team provide first quality cardboard boxes. State-of-the-art technologies make them economical.

Full service specialist

Design, reliable scheduling, in-house production and logistics.

Local production

Production in our own Bayreuth plant enables us to maintain our very high quality standards and reliable, flexible scheduling.

Generations gathered experience

Because we know how to make it, we know how to design it efficient and provide you with clever, solution-orientated advice.

Sustainability out of conviction

The protection of the environment and the careful use of all our resources is sincerely close to our hearts and is based on the values of our management. We see legal requirements as a minimum requirement, which we exceed by far on our own initiative and without being asked.

Sustainable energies

Emission-free production facility

We operate our factory 100% without fossil fuels; 70% of the energy we need is provided by our own photovoltaic system

Energy efficiency

With clever energy management, we constantly measure, control and optimise electricity consumption. Because the cleanest energy is the energy that is not consumed.

Utilisation of waste heat

Our air conditioning is provided by an air-to-water heat pump with a PV system and heat recovery from the machinery.

Conserving resources production

Durable packaging

Our packaging is high-quality and durable. Collector's items, alternative uses, permanent use.

Optimum material utilisation

We significantly reduce our waste through clever design. We recycle a large proportion of it.

Process optimisation

An optimised workflow was planned and implemented during construction with the help of the Fraunhofer Project Group for Process Innovation at the University of Bayreuth in order to avoid unnecessary idle times.

Certified sustainability

FSC® sustainable forestry

SINCE 2011: Globally valid standard for safeguarding important environmental and social standards.

DIN ISO 14001 Environmental management

AB 2024The international environmental management standard defines globally recognised requirements for an environmental management system

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You can download our current certificates here.

Family business

Many years of experience and
State-of-the-art technologies

Production area: approx. 4,500 m²

Storage area: approx. 5,000 m²

Administration offices: approx. 500 m²


Recognised training company

Our apprenticeships: Packaging technology / Paper technology / Machine and plant management (specialising in printing and paper processing) / Media technology printing / Media technology industrial mechanics / Dual study programme

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