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Finishing: Screen printing finishing

Fascinating finishes and effects can be applied to cardboard using the screen printing process, turning the standard into something special. We show you some of the possibilities here.

If you are missing a refinement or have an idea in mind that you don't know how to realise, please ask us. We look forward to your challenge. <Ansprechpartner>


A partial lacquer can be applied to emphasise individual elements.

UV spot varnish
Glossy relief varnish
Soft-touch lacquer

The lacquers can also be printed over the entire surface or combined with each other.

UV varnish, glossy, full-surface
Relief lacquer and soft-touch lacquer
UV spot varnish and relief varnish


With skilful design and a good pre-press stage, structures can be simulated. We will only show you a few examples of applications here. There are no limits to your imagination.

Water droplets (relief varnish)
Snakeskin (relief varnish)
Wood grain (relief varnish)
Denim (matt relief varnish)
Burlap (matt relief varnish)
Knitted (matt relief varnish)

Particles can be added to the paints to achieve further effects.

Coarse particles for "grip" effect.
Fine particles for "sand" effect.
Here, too, we only show a few application examples. Endless possibilities for good ideas.
Rust (sand effect lacquer)
Sandstone (sand effect lacquer)
Concrete (sand effect paint)
Granite (effect lacquer grip)
Sugar (Effektlackk Grip)
Frost (effect lacquer grip)

Glitter and mica

For glitter varnishes, mica particles are stirred into transparent varnish and printed on. They are available in many colours and can be mixed together.
Mica gold
Mica silver
Mica holographic

Scratch-off colour

Special colours can be created on request.

Scratch-off colour silver
Scratch-off colour gold
Scratch-off colour black
with white print.

Special colours

If you are missing a colour or finish or have an idea in mind that you don't know how to implement, please ask us. We look forward to your challenge.
Afterglow colour (phosphorescent)
UV-luminous colour (fluorescent)
Thermeochromic colour (heat-variable)
Scented varnish (many different odours available)
Drizzle effect varnish
Neon colours
Further finishing options with hot foil stamping can be found here.

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