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Slip lid carton: With neck insert


A Slidded carton with neck insert (SDK 3-piece) consists of a Lower part (UT)a Deployment (ES) and a Lid (D). The insert is inserted precisely into the base and glued in place.

Option: Position neck insert

The position of the neck insert is freely selectable, depending on the height of the three components.

Option: Visibility neck insert

The lid can sit on the base or leave the neck insert visible.

Option: Lid attached

At the Slip lid carton (SDK) with neck insert the Cover (D) attachedand thus to the Hinged lid can be used. On the inside, the lid is fastened with a textile strap, the so-called "lid strap". Shirting to the lower part. On the outside, a further layer of cover paper, known as the cover paper, is applied to the back for veneering. Mirrorglued on

Stülpdeckelkarton SDK_Halseinsatz Deckel angehangen

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